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The FY19 Union Budget is expected to be a populist and more spending towards social sectors

The industry is also seeking relaxed FDI regime for multi-brand retail trade as also incentives to be provided for setting up warehousing and cold-chain storage facilities

How Modi fares in reining in the fiscal deficit while seeking to jump-start activity may determine the currency's direction for the remainder of the year, analysts say

Interestingly, after several years, two public sector banks (other than the mammoth State Bank of India) emerged as most chased stocks by fund managers

Says non-availability of Form-C causing problems to fertiliser, auto, other industry

From 5 per cent in 20118 to nearly 13 per cent in 2017, Hollywood's share at the Indian box office has grown by leaps and bounds

The apex court said if an adult man and woman marry, no khap, panchayat, individual or society can question them

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