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Got a new Printer? Perform the following steps to connect your printer with the 123 hp com setup. Hp is well known for its printers and also its best features. First of all you need to setup your printer first .Go to printer control panel where connect option has to be clicked. Then enter your printer details which will then permit you to print. You can tether printer to wired or wireless network
The government is looking at simplifying the anti-profiteering application complaint form to allow the public to file profiteering complaints against firms

The dedicated funds are likely to focus on fisheries, poultry, and other animal products

Adityanath is scheduled to take part in the BJP-led 'Parivartan Yatra' in the run-up to the Karnataka Assembly polls

With more than Rs 27 trillion being spent each year on fossil fuel subsidies globally, these subsidies are a concern for the fight against climate change

The incident occurred at 2:30 am at Kailash Bar and Restaurant when the employees were asleep

Said Odisha witnessed more than four-fold increase in real per capita income during past 17 years

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